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Yurich Creative has maintained a steady project log since its beginning in June of 1997, with many of our original clients still with us. Some of our clients have been or still are: Judson Services, Inc.; Celebrate Vitamins; Target Optical; PNC Wealth management; Kaleidoscope Magazine; Tri C, Case Western Reserve University; The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame + Museum; and the Wassenberg Art Center.

Yurich Creative's strength is providing you with a solid brand plan that you can use now, but can grow with your organizations changes. It is best to bring us in as early in the process as you can, but this does not mean we cannot work with you at any stage. One of our specialties is to stay up-to-date on sustainable practices, where we work within your budget to find the "greenest" way to produce your projects.

Our team is made up of a unique blend of talent from designer to videographer to sound engineer. At times Yurich Creative collaborates with other firms to offer a more extensive and targeted team for your project. This practice allows us to form the best teams for specific projects. We call this the Hollywood Principle. The way the movie industry brings together several studios depending on the scope of the film.

We could talk about us all day, but we want to hear about your company and how we can help you grow and nature you company or organization.

Our philosophy on sustainable design

How do we define a sustainable company—any company that has the earth's sustainability in mind when deciding what products to offer or how to run their business. We like to work with people who care about what they are doing to the world, and who take interest in finding ways to minimize their impact upon it. So we not only help our clients position their products, but find ways to do so in the most environmentally responsible way possible.

Paper usage is just one area a designer needs to consider. Choice of inks, printing presses, and distribution also play a major role in determining the financial, environmental and social impact of producing printed material. Designers should choose vendors who measure, manage and report total environmental performance.

The design team at Yurich Creative will often perform a 'green audit' to assess the potential impact of each project. They will evaluate the selection of paper and paper mill, the amount and type of materials produced, and the way the press sheet is organized at the press. And there are other guidelines for responsible print design as well:

- Rethink features and functions to use less material and energy
- Consider closed-loop lifecycles from design through production, use and recovery
- Design for recyclability, reusability and recoverability
- Seek independently verified data about environmental aspects and lifecycle impacts
- Select materials with less impact and toxicity/use recycled and renewable material
- Optimize production techniques to eliminate scrap, error and waste
- Select lower-impact packaging and distribution systems
- Maximize the length of the products useful life

Even the content of the communication can help reduce waste. A well-planned, well-executed message can reduce waste because it won't need to be re-printed and run over and over to be effective. We carefully research, plan, evaluate and re-evaluate each brand message it creates. Effective work can not only cut through the communication clutter, but create less waste, too.

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